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Awlgrip's Frequently Asked Question

Awlgrip's Frequently Asked Question 0

Q: Can I use traditional waxes on my Awlgrip Finish?
A: Waxes can build up residue on the surface that can inhibit paint performance under UV.  We recommend the aftercare products within the Awlgrip range that are developed with the marine environment in mind.Get this product at this LINK or, contact, LINE or email us for our friendly staff assistance.
  • Ian Lok
WEEKLY PROMO 👉 Use Less, Wash More with Orpine

WEEKLY PROMO 👉 Use Less, Wash More with Orpine 0

OrPine concentrated boat soap.  30 mL (1 oz) in 11 Litres (3 gallons) of fresh or salt water will wash a medium size boat.

  • Removes salt and dirt from boats, fishing tackle, trailers and cars
  • Cleans fish boxes and leaves a pleasant odour
  • Is biodegradable and environmentally friendly
  • Cleans interiors and eliminates musty mildew odours
  • Is used by professional captains, commercial fishermen, boat manufacturers and boat yards
  • Can be used on fibreglass, painted surfaces, all metals, wood, and plastics
  • Will not strip wax from boats or cars
  • Will not leave streaks
  • Is kind to your boat, tackle, car, and your hands
  • Is recommended for use on boats, cars, RV units, and general household cleaning

Get this product at this LINK or, contact, LINE or email us for our friendly staff assistance.

  • Ian Lok
WEEKLY PROMO 👉 Amazing and Powerful Cleaning Solution

WEEKLY PROMO 👉 Amazing and Powerful Cleaning Solution 0

Amazing Roll-Off multipurpose cleaner was developed for tough boating stains, from grease to rust, or canvas to vinyl.  Non-acid based is biodegradable and environmentally safe.  Roll-Off leaves a gleaming, rust inhibiting, waxlike finish which actually resists dirt.  Excellent as a general purpose cleaner diluted in water (dilute it before using on painted surfaces).

  • For Boater - cleaning canvas, fibreglass, leather, teak, vinyl, sails, bimini tops, formica, stainless steel, chrome, copper and more
  • For RV / Car - powerful tire cleaner, vinyl top cleaner, engine degreaser & brightener, fibreglass cleaner, mildew remover, and more

Get this product at this LINK or, contact, LINE or email us for our friendly staff assistance.

  • Ian Lok
How to Stop ☠ Galvanic Corrosion ☠

How to Stop ☠ Galvanic Corrosion ☠ 0

👉 Prevention of galvanic corrosion between dissimilar metals; 👉 Eliminates seizing and galling of dissimilar metals; 👉 Lubrication that will not break down, even in salt water or detergents.

The original Ultra Tef-Gel that is available at East Marine Asia is design to stop corrosion between dissimilar metals, galling of stainless steel or aluminium fasteners, and act as an anti-seize agent for ease of maintenance.  It contains 40% PTFE powder and 0% volatile solvents, no silicones or petroleum solvents to evaporate, which would leave voids for electrolytes to be drawn into create a galvanic cell.  When both surfaces are coated and mated with Tef-Gel, there are no voids for electrolytes (or saltwater) to be drawn in by capillary action over extended period of time.

Tel-Gel prevent corrosion between dissimilar metals, for example stainless screws, bolts or rivets into aluminium (paint blistering, frozen fasteners, outboard motors).  Prevent galling on stainless and titanium fasteners, and discoloration and rot in wood (water cannot get past it).  Moving parts to lubricate hatch and porthole hinges and joint, sliders, swivels, locking pins, pulleys, rigging screws, low speed bearing.

Tef-Gel also replace silicone to lubricate pump gaskets, heat exchanger parts and PVC fittings.  It stops weeping around endplates, faceplates, heat exchangers and plumbing, and it allow better sealing and adjustment in PVC.  Tef-Gel able to replace grease for punches presses, drill presses (longer life, smoother operation).

Other useful things to be use for Tef-Gel also include propeller shafts to allow easy removal of propellers (especially splined shafts). Packing in glands to make stuffing box drip free. Use on all your battery ends in flashlights etc to stop tin oxide formation, making your batteries last much longer.
Get Tef-Gel to stop this silent killer, contact, LINE or email us for our friendly staff assistance.
WEEKLY PROMO 👉 Keep Your Fresh Water Tank Sanitizer / Holding Tanks Clean by Thetford Sanitizer

WEEKLY PROMO 👉 Keep Your Fresh Water Tank Sanitizer / Holding Tanks Clean by Thetford Sanitizer 0

Designed specifically to sanitise hard non-porous surfaces of water holding tanks in yachts, RVs, trailers, campers etc.  Easy to use 2 parts system: step 1 - clean tank with detergent and rinse; step 2 - sanitise tank with the sanitiser.  Effective even in hard water, will not leave grit or soap scum.Kills 99% of the harmful bacteria, including Staphilococcus, E-Coli, Listeria, and other micro-organisms.  Free of bleach and chlorine, leaves no smell or taste.  This product is not a drinking water additive.Get it from East Marine Asia or get online 🛒 via this LINK.
  • Ian Lok
How to Select the Correct Anchor Chain

How to Select the Correct Anchor Chain 0

There are several types of anchor or windlass chain available.  The four common types are DIN 766, Grade L, Grade 30 and BBB.  DIN 766 is commonly used in Europe and is very similar in size to Grade L.  Grade L is a common chain used in Australasia.  Grade 30 or proof coil and BBB is well known in the American market.
Concerning the strength of the chain, the most popular varieties of galvanised steel include high-test or grade 40, usually marked HT, G4, G43, BBB or grade 30 (marked as BBB and proof coil), also grade 30 (often marked PC, PC3, or G3).  Each has advantages and shortcomings. BBB, proof coil and Grade L are generally made from low-carbon steel.  Heat treated, high-test (HT) chains are made from a high carbon manganese alloy.  High test chains are becoming more readily available worldwide due to weight savings and the importance of anchoring safety.
HT or G43 chain is widely used because of its “strength-to-link” factor: Its working load limit is nearly twice that of BBB chain or Grade 30 and it has the highest weight-to-working load ratio.  In other words, it allows the use of a smaller link, which means more chain can be stored in a given chain locker.  Its links are also windlass calibrated, which means that they should fit most chainwheels with an “HT” designation. Such links also tend to resist tangling in the locker.
Most windlass companies like Lewmar, Lofrans, and Quick use DIN766 as standard but this can also depend on the country the windlass was sold in.  Muir Windlasses made in Australia are sold worldwide and have a selection of Chain wheels to suit all types of chain.

It is very important to check with the supplier when purchasing a new windlass that the chain wheel or Chain Gypsy fitted is correct to ensure a suitable fit for your chain.  Sourcing  the correct chain can be difficult in certain countries and due to weight, shipping costs can be very high.  Inspect your chain carefully and regularly.  Most high-quality chain from reputable manufacturers is stamped with a designation indicating the grade.
Then there is Stud-link chain, used mainly by Superyachts and commercial ships. This type of chain is not readily available in chandleries but can be special ordered.

[above picture] EMA G43 High Test Chain undergo an independent breaking test in Thailand

Contact, LINE or email us for technical advise, assistance and help choose the correct chain for your yacht.